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E-cat by Andrea Rossi: how it works

The Energy Catalyst, also known as E-Cat, is a device that will change energy as we know it on this planet. Demonstrated for the first time in January of this year at an Italian press conference, the E-Cat is able to produce up to 15,000 watts of electricity with only 400 watts coming into it.

Patent pending
Andrea Rossi paired with University of Bologna professor emeritus Sergio Focardi to create the device, which is currently undergoing massive testing. An Italian patent has already been granted for the E-Cat, with European and American patents pending.
Cold Fusion proponents have been buzzing about this device since its initial demonstration, but it doesn’t involve traditional Cold Fusion. Instead, Rossi uses nickel-hydrogen, coupled with pressurized hydrogen gas and other elements that have not yet been specifically named, to generate energy. The reaction is said to happen when Rossi’s mix of elements reaches 400 to 500 degrees Celsius.

How it works
Speculators have gathered from Rossi’s blog that reduced hydrogen atoms are possibly responsible for the energy output. Focardi has stated that the reaction happens when the elements reach the ignition temperature. The elements then turn to copper.
Rossi intends to begin distribution of the devices later this year, with implementation at an undisclosed location in the United States. This will make the E-Cat the first ever commercially-available device using technology similar to Cold Fusion. Plans are to release the device even if the U.S. and European patents are still pending, which will hopefully help expedite the patent process.
The E-Cat is likely to transform the planet as we know it. Traditional energy sources will no longer be needed, saving households thousands of dollars every year in household costs. Once the E-Cat’s technology replaces gasoline as an automobile power source, even more money will be saved.

Save the environment
Because power plants require vast amounts of resources to run, operation can be quite costly. Environmentalists have long called for alternatives to traditional power sources, since nuclear power plants release dangerous emissions into the air. Everything from global warming to acid rain to health problems have been traced back to nuclear power plants and many fear the repercussions of a natural disaster or terrorist attack on one of these plants. The radiation leak could prove deadly to both humans and the planet itself. Cold Fusion and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) look to replace nuclear power plants, eliminating any danger to the environment or to humans.
Rossi has been powering his laboratory with the E-Cat for months to great success. Numerous tests conducted in his lab have produced consistent energy output, showing great promise for distribution later this year. Currently Rossi has a facility in the U.S. building E-Cat devices and once the first implementation is complete, plans are to begin shipping other devices within one to two years. After patents are in place, the transformation could take place very quickly.

This is
exciting news for consumers. Andrea Rossi has reported that the E-Cat can run at around one cent per kilowatt hour, while traditional energy sources cost households around ten centers per kilowatt hour. With a world in economic turmoil, this is welcome news to any household, leaving a huge chunk of money in bank accounts while powering houses with the same efficiency.
And environmentalists will be happy as well, since the E-Cat runs with no dangerous emissions. Using science to create energy requires only great energy output from the engineers figuring out the technology. And Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi are working diligently to ensure our planet is safe for generations to come.

Minimum resources
Because the device requires heat only to reach the desired temperature for catalyzation to occur, the E-Cat can run with very little energy input. There is no coal to be mined, and drilling for oil will become a thing of the past, allowing the Earth to shift its resources to other, more important, things.
Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi are changing the world, one
E-Cat at a time. They are likely to go down in history as pioneers…and we are here to witness this incredible shift in technology.


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