Why Hire A Wedding Planner

A lot of people think wedding planners are a high expense for high class people but the reality is that it actually is a reasonable price and perfect for couples looking for a stress free wedding so they can enjoy their perfect day. The cost of a wedding can be pretty pricey, taking a small percentage of your budget to make sure everything goes smoothing during the planning process and day of is well worth it!

Wedding planners in Calgary guide you through the costs of a wedding and help you prioritize so you can keep within your budget. They have reliable vendors that they trust and have experience working with so they can help you make the best decisions. Most planners will have tips on how to cut costs through connections within the industry. Wedding planners are known for their organizational skills and will also create a personalized timeline for your wedding day. They will know exactly when and where everyone needs to be at all times and will make sure that everyone stays on schedule every minute of the day. With all the excitement going on, its possible to lose track of time quickly. Rest assured the wedding planner will make sure everyone is on time throughout the day. They will also read over all your contracts and look for details you may have missed. In the hustle and bustle of planning it is possible to look over details such as signing a contract without throughly reading it. We make sure everything you are expecting is in the contract. Wedding planners are here to look after you!

Wedding planners are designers and can show you the beauty of hidden gems. We love designing weddings and are continually working to come up with unique ideas to show our clients. Planners have experience and knowledge about the latest trends and where to find items to complete the overall atmosphere and design. They are always learning, researching new things and coming across venues and ceremony locations that you would have never thought of or found! We want to WOW you with our creativity. Not only will planners design, but they will set up and take down on the day of the wedding so you and your family can relax and enjoy themselves!

Planners on the day of your wedding take care of many details so you can focus on the reason we are all celebrating this special day. Your planner will pick up and drop off smaller items needed to complete the set up as well as manage set up and take down. We will direct vendors such as the baker, florists or rentals as they arrive and cue them throughout the event. We pin boutonnieres and corsages, delivery bridal party bouquets, and check over seating arrangements to make sure everyone is where you planned them to be. This is only just a few things to name that we do for you! On top of everything else, we solve unexpected problems and ensure that you and your families stay relaxed and enjoy the event to the fullest!




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